St. David’s HealthCare provides comprehensive healthcare services. For general information on the programs listed or on our services we offer, call our Call-A-Nurse or Find-A-Physician service, 24/7, at (888) 868-2104 or (512) 478-3627.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation services are designed to help individuals with heart disease recover faster and return to full and productive lives. Cardiac rehabilitation includes monitored, supervised exercise, and education aimed at modifying cardiac risk factors.

Continence and Pelvic Floor Disorders

A urodynamics evaluation or anal/rectal diagnostic test helps those suffering from bowel and bladder control problems.

Diabetes Education Program

Our comprehensive Diabetes Education Program is designed to meet the educational needs of people dealing with the challenge of diabetes. The primary focus is on helping people learn to make healthy choices to control blood sugar levels.

  • How to include controlled portions of some of your favorite foods
  • How to monitor blood sugar levels and understand what the numbers are telling you
  • How your medication works to control blood sugar
  • How increasing your activity level has a powerful effect on diabetes control
  • How to prevent debilitating diabetes complications

Enrollment in the program requires a physician’s referral and is covered by most insurance plans. For more information contact us at (512) 544-4182.

Health and Fitness Center

Our Health and Fitness Center offers a range of exercise consultations, health screenings and classes under professional supervision.

Hospitalist Services

St. David’s HealthCare employs hospitalist physicians, who have special training in providing inpatient medical care.

Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Units at our hospitals provide care and treatment for any patient requiring constant monitoring.

Kidney Transplant Center

The Kidney Transplant Center at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center has been serving the region since 1996, performing life-saving kidney transplants and providing exceptional care.


Our lymphedema programs improve patients’ quality of life and reduce complications of this condition. Individualized care may include lymph drainage, compression bandaging, remedial exercises, support garments and home management training with proper skin care, exercise and diet instructions.

Nutrition and Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Services

Registered and licensed dietitians are available by appointment to assist with disease management, illness prevention or weight management.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual support can play a role in the healing process and can help patients and family members through challenges associated with illness or injury. Our on-site chaplaincy staff is available to assist patients and families.