A Nurse Navigator is a health care professional trained in cancer care, functions as a patient advocate and aids in identifying resources for specific individualized needs. The navigator is dedicated to bringing together all multidisciplinary team members involved in the patient care. Nurse navigators are provided at no additional cost to the patient and are currently available for patients with Gastrointestinal and Breast Cancers.

Nurse Navigators provide the following care:

  • Reinforce patient education on disease process, treatment options, and clinical trial availability.
  • Coordinate office visits across medical disciplines to streamline cancer care delivery.
  • Facilitate communication between all members of the healthcare team.
  • Organize multidisciplinary team conferences to promote collaboration in cancer treatment.
  • Provide personalized touch to cancer care by visiting patients at appointments, assessing patients’ needs and relating information to providers.
  • Serve as an ongoing source of support for patients and reliable to answer ongoing questions.
  • Help decrease barriers to care by assessing needs and linking patients with community resources.
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