Breast imaging centers in Austin, Texas

As a leading provider in breast care, St. David's HealthCare breast centers offer the area's first digital mammography technology and 3D mammogram. Our breast health services are performed in comfortable settings by a renowned staff of certified technologists, nurses with specialized training and expert physicians.

To learn more about our breast center services or to schedule a mammogram, call (512) 544-8800.

Schedule a Mammogram

You can now schedule a screening mammogram online. For assistance scheduling your screening or diganostic mammogram please call 866-717-2551 .

Comprehensive breast care

Solis Mammography is the onsite provider of our comprehensive breast imaging services at St. David’s Medical Center. As the nation’s leader in breast health, Solis Mammography offers screening and diagnostic breast imaging to help patients maintain their breast health and peace of mind.

Additionally, our expert team across all of our imaging locations is committed to providing education and support for all women, with specific resources for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Visiting Solis Mammography a dept. of St. David's Medical Center

Solis Mammography a department of St. David's Medical Center
Plaza St. David's Professional Building
1015 East 32nd Street 3rd Floor, Suite 308, Austin, TX 78705

Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm

Phone number: (833) 941-0329

For your appointment:
  • Park in Garage #3 located on the corner of 32nd street and I-35; parking will be validated.
  • Take garage elevator to Building Level 1. Exit elevator, turn right, and go to first set of elevators (Plaza Elevators). Go to 3rd floor. Solis Mammography is in Suite 308 to the right.

Preventive care through digital mammography

One of the best ways to be proactive with your breast health is by getting routine mammograms. St. David’s Medical Center has partnered with Solis Mammography to serve as our onsite provider of comprehensive . Solis Mammography offers dedicated breast expertise with highly trained radiologists subspecialized in breast screening, greater accuracy through 3D mammography, and a warm and welcoming environment designed to deliver a better experience to the patients we serve.

All of our breast imaging locations have accreditations from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and American College of Radiology (ACR). We use 3D mammography exclusively for greater accuracy. This allows doctors to better detect cancer with more detailed images of the breast.


You can schedule your mammogram at any of our following facilities:

Breast conditions we treat

Our doctors are experienced in treating a wide range of conditions related to breast health, including:

  • Breast cancer in women and men
  • Breast cysts
  • Breast fibroadenomas
  • Breast phyllodes tumors
  • Gynecomastia
  • Mastalgis (breast pain)

Treatments and services we offer

We offer a variety of treatments and services to diagnose and treat breast conditions.

These include:

  • Breast augmentation surgery
  • Fine needle biopsy
  • Lumpectomy
  • Mammography
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy