Important information

St. David's HealthCare remains focused on preparedness and response efforts related to coronavirus (COVID-19). Please check our updated visitor policy.

Updated visitation policies

Please read the list below for important information about your visit:

  • Visiting hours are 7:30am - 8:30pm. The main doors of the hospital will be locked at 9:00pm and unlocked at 5:30am. Between 9:00pm and 5:30am, visitors must access the hospital through the main lobby entrance and, for security reasons, must check-in with the security personnel at the front desk. Some areas of the facility may have more specific requirements regarding patient visitors (Women's Services areas, for example). Please discuss any questions you may have with the charge nurse of those areas.
  • Hospital waiting room areas are available for patients' immediate family members. While the hospital is responsible for the care and upkeep of these areas, we ask that family members and friends help to keep these areas clean, safe, and free of personal items. Hospital waiting rooms are open and available during the day from 5:30am - 8:30pm. We ask that family and friends make a generous effort to share the waiting room spaces with other patients' families.
  • Family spokespersons can relay information and facilitate rotational patient visiting within hospital guidelines. We ask that families do not gather in our hallways and that all family members help to maintain quiet and calm while in the hospital. Security personnel are available to facilitate the use of alternate gathering spaces.
  • Hospital environments are not always appropriate for young children. Please seriously consider this before bringing a small child into the hospital setting. Children, free of illness and regardless of age, may visit in the hospital, however an adult must accompany them. For the safety of children, patients and staff, please do not allow a child to run or talk loudly in the hospital.
  • Exceptions to the above guidelines may be made in order to meet the individual needs of the patient and family, in consultation with the patient or hospital staff. Any change to the visiting guidelines will be at the discretion of the nurse caring for the patient with input from the charge nurse and/or nursing supervisor on duty or security personnel. Security personnel are available 24 hours a day for patient/visitor/staff safety and will be available to facilitate.