Advance Medical Directives are legal documents that allow you to give directions for your future healthcare. These documents help protect your rights and communicate your choices if you become physically or mentally unable to do so. There are several types of advance directives:

A Directive to Physicians and Family records your wishes regarding end-of-life care, and the specific life sustaining treatments you want or do not want when diagnosed with either a terminal or irreversible condition.

Download Directive to Physicians and Family

An Out-of-Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Order allows you to refuse certain resuscitation treatments outside the hospital, including in your home, care facilities, an ambulance, and the hospital emergency room and outpatient departments.

Download Out-of-Hospital Do Not Resuscitate Order

An Organ/Tissue Donation Card permits organ donation. Please ask your nurse about this option.

The Department of Pastoral Care is available to assist with explaining and completing all Advance Directives.