Financial assistance with respect to emergency and medically necessary care may be available to patients who do not qualify for state or federal assistance. In most cases, patients that fall between 0 - 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines based on total household income may have a 100% charity discount processed (subject to income verification/documentation requirements). In certain cases, other discounts ranging from 40% - 90% may apply if the patient’s total household income exceeds these thresholds. SDHP requires the completion of the SDHP Financial Assistance Application. Further eligibility and assistance information, a copy of our financial assistance policy, the financial assistance application form and a plain language summary of the financial assistance policy (in either English or Spanish) are available by written request to the following address:

Patient Accounting Services
PO Box 292369
Nashville, TN 37229-2369

Patients can also download a copy of our financial assistance policy and the financial assistance application form below. If you are eligible for financial assistance, the amount charged for emergency or other medically necessary care will not exceed amounts generally billed to patients with insurance.

Financial Assistance Policy

You can download a complete copy of the St. David’s HealthCare Financial Assistance Policy below. Choose your preferred language:

Financial Assistance Application

Plain Language Summary of the Financial Policy