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Welcome to our Patient Financial Resource Site.

This website is primarily designed to provide our patients with important financial and billing information and to assist with obtaining pricing estimates for our most frequently scheduled hospital services.

We hope that through the resources provided on this site, you can make more informed healthcare choices and have a better understanding of your potential financial obligations when visiting our facility.

Our commitment

Our hospital is committed to providing useful information to our patients so you can understand the financial side of your healthcare needs.

On this site, you can learn more about:

  • Obtaining a pricing estimate for our most frequently scheduled services
  • Payment options and alternatives available to patients without healthcare coverage
  • Contact information to call us directly for a pricing estimate
  • Paying your outstanding hospital bill online
  • Other bills you might receive for services besides your hospital bill
  • How the billing process works for hospital services
  • Frequently Asked Questions

To view an itemization of services from a recent visit, please select a facility

Have an outstanding balance?

If you have received a statement from us showing that you have a balance due, you can pay online through this resource.

To take advantage of this simple and secure online service, please click "Pay My Bill" above.

St. David's HealthCare makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the pricing information provided herein. The pricing information provided by this website is strictly an estimate of prices, and St. David's HealthCare cannot guarantee the accuracy of any estimates. All estimates are based on information provided by a prospective patient and do not include, among other things, any unforeseen complications, additional tests or procedures, and non-hospital related charges, any of which may increase the ultimate pricing for the services provided. Any prospective patient should understand that a final bill for services rendered at St. David's HealthCare may differ substantially from the information provided by this website, and St. David's HealthCare shall not be liable for any inaccuracies.
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