St. David's HealthCare - April 27, 2022

Ernestine is a 93-year-old cardiac patient who loves one thing above all else: dancing. But her narrowing aortic valve made it difficult to keep up with her passion every day – until she underwent a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure at Heart Hospital of Austin. 

Because of her age, Ernestine is not eligible for open-heart surgery, and there is no medicine to fix her condition. Fortunately, the TAVR procedure, which is minimally invasive, allows doctors to insert a catheter through a blood vessel or small incision in the leg and replace the aortic valve.

Ernestine has needed several procedures over the past few years to keep up her active lifestyle, which also includes baking, yard work, and playing with her great-grandchildren. She calls the staff at Heart Hospital of Austin, her “St. David’s Angels.”


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