St. David's Medical Center
September 16, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas—St. David’s Center for Hip and Knee Replacement is launching a Virtual Reality (VR)-based therapy study for patients scheduled for a knee replacement surgery at St. David’s Medical Center. VR is being investigated to see if this technology can provide pain relief following knee replacement surgery. The study is sponsored by Virti, a leading app developer in VR.

VR technology seeks to immerse individuals in a simulated 3D “world” using special computerized goggles that are capable of delivering realistic video and audio content. The simulations used in this study will allow individuals to rotate and look around to see the full simulation, rather than staring at a single spot. Virti is responsible for providing these simulated modules, with some located in far-off, exotic locations. Two of these locations can be seen here, from “Rottnest Island” and “Nature Scenes,” while other modules range from “Mossman Gorge” to “Underwater Diving” and more.

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