Heart Hospital of Austin
November 01, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas—The Heart Hospital of Austin joins the CORCINCH-HF clinical trial measuring Accucinch’s efficacy at treating heart failure. Accucinch is a novel heart implant designed to provide structure and support to the weakened walls of the heart.

Heart failure is a progressive condition where the heart is unable to pump blood effectively, and enlarged heart walls are a significant contributing factor. This chronic disease is the leading cause of hospitalizations across the US and has a high mortality rate for late-stage patients. The most common form of heart failure is muscle weakness in the left ventricle of the heart, which is specifically targeted by Accucinch. The Accucinch implant functions through a simple cinching method that draws in the left ventricle walls, directly counteracting the enlarged heart walls associated with heart failure.

The CORCINCH-HF trial will study how well Accucinch restores heart function compared to alternatives like open heart surgery and pacemakers. These existing therapies are much more invasive and often target the adjacent mitral valve of the heart, rather than the walls of the left ventricle itself. The Accucinch inventor and study sponsor, Ancora Heart, will determine if Accucinch is associated with better patient outcomes and less recovery time.

Dr. Juhana Karha, MD, is the lead investigator for the study at Heart Hospital of Austin, the only study site in the Austin area. The Heart Hospital of Austin is one of 42 locations across the world participating in the study, which expects to cumulatively enroll at least 400 patients.

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