St. David's HealthCare
September 20, 2021

St. David’s Office of Research is pleased to announce that St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital is a site in The STRONG Study (The Stroke, sTress, RehabilitatiON, and Genetics Study). This exciting new study is looking at the genetics of functional recovery after strong.

Patients at the St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital who meet the criteria for the study will have an opportunity to participate. A person’s response to functional recovery with rehabilitation following a stroke is highly variable. Determining how stress and genetics impact a person’s response to rehabilitation will help create a more effective, individualized therapeutic regime for each patient.

The lead researchers in the case are E. Alison Holman, Ph.D., FNP, and Steven C. Cramer, MD, from the University of California at Irvine. Dr. Holman is a Professor of Nursing and Dr. Cramer is a Professor of Neurology.  Dr. Robert Lee, Stroke Rehabilitation Medical Director, is the Principal Investigator at St. David’s Rehabilitation Hospital.

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