St. David's HealthCare
September 23, 2021

Tim Faulkenberry, MD spoke on “Advances in Medical and Surgical Management of Obesity” May 14, 2019 as part of the Continuing Medical Education Program at the St. David’s Medical Center. The new SADI-S loop duodenal switch procedure “minimizes the risk of vitamin or protein deficiencies while maximizing weight loss,” said Faulkenberry. The procedure is a recent modification of the duodenal switch, and bypasses a smaller section of the small intestine. For morbidly obese women, Dr. Faulkenberry discussed research that shows bariatric surgery effectively achieves and sustains significant weight loss. This also improves fertility, as the risk of infertility is 2.7 times higher in women with a BMI greater than 32. Dr. Faulkenberry concluded on how weight loss surgery complications in St. David’s Medical Center were each lower than the national average.

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