St. David's HealthCare
September 03, 2020

Austin, TX — St. David’s HealthCare announced today the launch of an automated texting service to inform surgical patients’ family members of key milestones throughout a patient’s surgery. The texting tool, Informer, is available in both English and Spanish.

“As we continue to follow strict standards during the pandemic to ensure the safety of our patients and staff, St. David’s HealthCare is using technology to keep patients and families connected,” Dr. Ken Mitchell, senior vice president and chief medical officer of St. David’s HealthCare, said. “We understand the importance of receiving frequent, real-time communication during a loved one’s surgery, and this tool allows families to receive the latest information in the safest way possible.”

The texting tool for families, coupled with the care team’s traditional face-to-face interaction with the patient, will help enhance the overall healthcare experience. The service is used on a mobile device and can be accessed by several family members with a unique code. Those who have subscribed will be texted once the patient’s surgery begins, when the patient leaves the operating room for recovery, and when the patient is ready for outpatient services or is set to be discharged.