St. David’s South Austin Medical Center provides patients in the Austin region with a wide array of cancer services, including blood and marrow transplants (BMTs), allowing them to receive specialized care in Austin. It features physicians and nurses specially trained to treat cancer patients, customized oncology technology, oncology-trained nurse navigators, as well as nutrition and education services for cancer patients. It also includes an apartment-style waiting room and private consultation rooms for family members.

The cancer unit also features the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Center at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, which is uniquely structured to address the needs of Central Texas by bringing together recognized physician leadership in oncology care from Texas Oncology and Texas Transplant Institute®, a department of Methodist Hospital.

The Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network is a collaborative network of the country’s preeminent sites for blood cancer treatment. The individual programs that form the Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Network have long been recognized as national leaders in patient care and outcomes.

Adult BMT services — previously considered a missing link in cancer care services in Austin - are a result of the partnership between St. David’s HealthCare, Sarah Cannon, Texas Transplant Institute and Texas Oncology.

St. David’s South Austin Medical Center is also equipped with a outpatient clinic for adult patients who have blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma - as well as those who have received or will receive a BMT. The clinic provides patients with an outside entrance so they do not have to walk through the main hospital to get to the clinic while in an immuno-compromised state.

In addition The Sarah Cannon Blood Cancer Center at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center is currently performing autologous transplants. Autologous transplants are procedures in which a patient’s own stem cells are used during the transplant. It will begin offering allogeneic transplants—a procedure in which donor stem cells are used—in the near future.

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