Research is at the core of what we do at St. David’s HealthCare because it lays the foundation for advances in patient care. Our research staff and physician researchers strive to create innovative new technologies, discover industry breakthroughs, spawn new economic opportunities, and pave the way for the next generation of leaders and researchers. Last year alone, St. David’s HealthCare launched more than 30 new research studies and published dozens of papers in leading medical journals.

St. David’s HealthCare Office of Research was established to better support and coordinate research across St. David’s. We are here to help research studies get launched and completed on time, all the while ensuring patient safety and the integrity of the projects. The Office of Research provides programs and services to support St. David’s researchers and medical staff in their research efforts.

We can help you identify grant opportunities, manage contracts and study startup, protect intellectual property, work with academic and industry partners, and highlight research achievements, and more.

Please contact the Office of Research if you are interested in collaboration:

Contact us

St. David’s HealthCare Office of Research
1015 East 32nd Street, Suite 414
Austin, TX 78705



Mission and vision

The mission of the Office of Research is to Safeguard, Support, Grow, and Promote the research enterprise of St. David’s HealthCare.


Provide oversight of research activities to ensure compliance and patient safety


Ensure that our medical staff and researchers can conduct their research at St. David’s


Expand our research enterprise and build strong partnerships with academia and industry


Build St. David’s locally and nationally through raising awareness of our research

For patients

Participation in clinical research fulfills a vitally important need to advance medical science for the benefit of patients.

People from all walks of life participate in medical research for a variety of reasons. Some who have an illness or disease are thankful for the opportunity to help doctors understand and develop treatments. These individuals may also be willing to receive an experimental treatment or the additional care available to participants. Healthy volunteers, on the other hand, may join a research study to help others and contribute to advancing medical science. Patients and physicians who participate must be aware of the benefits, and potential risks, of being a part of a research study.

In this section, you will find resources that are useful if you are thinking about participating in a clinical trial. Learn more here. If you are a patient considering participation in a clinical research study, be sure to talk to your doctor, the study doctor, and your family to gather as much information as possible. Weigh all of your options before deciding what is best for you.