St. David's HealthCare
October 24, 2014

St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and St. David’s Medical Center recently hosted neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) reunions for babies born and cared for in the NICUs. Because of the intense nature of the care provided for babies in the NICU and the length of a typical stay, doctors and nurses often form lifelong relationships with their patients, and the reunion allows families to be reunited with nursing staff and doctors.

St. David’s Women’s Center of Texas NICU reunion featured train-themed entertainment for families, including an inflatable circus, a trackless train, a petting zoo, and a photo booth with clown entertainment. Keepsake photos were presented to families as a parting gift.

St. David’s Medical Center’s NICU reunion was held in the hospital’s Barclay Park. The reunion was circus-themed, featuring clowns, a juggler, a petting zoo, face painting, pumpkin painting and music. Children were encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes.