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September 23, 2021

What is the Austin Brain Tumor Repository?

The Austin Brain Tumor Repository (ABTR) at St. David’s Medical Center has been established to advance our knowledge of brain tumors and how to treat them.

What is a brain tumor repository?

A brain tumor repository stores brain tumor tissue that has been removed during a medical procedure such as an operation or biopsy. This extra tissue is not needed for your diagnosis or treatment. With your written consent, this tissue is sent to the ABTR, where it is carefully preserved and protected.

Scientists will use specimens from the repository to study disease and find better ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat brain tumors in the future.

Will donating my tissue change my surgery or medical care?

Regardless of whether you decide to donate your tissue or not, your operation and medical care will be exactly the same.

During your medical procedure, your doctor will remove all the brain tumor tissue needed for a thorough diagnosis and treatment. A portion of your tissue is not needed for your brain tumor care. This leftover tissue, which would otherwise be discarded, is sent to the ABTR.

Who will benefit from my tissue donation?

If you donate your tissue for research, you probably will not benefit directly. Your donation may lead to scientific discoveries that will benefit brain tumor patients in the future. Discoveries include:

  1. Learning how the brain tumor cells work
  2. Determining the causes of brain tumors
  3. Developing new drugs and diagnostic tests
  4. “Markers” that predict who will respond to treatment

How will my privacy be protected?

Federal laws and regulations protect the privacy and confidentiality of your medical information.

The ABTR is only a storing house for your brain tumor tissue and requires your written consent. The informed consent form explains:

  1. How your tissue will be collected and stored
  2. How your medical information will be stored
  3. How scientists with approved research studies gain access to your tissue
  4. How to contact the Principal Investigator if you would like to withdraw your consent for future research

Tissue donated for medical research is not used in either organ transplantation or blood transfusions.

What are the financial implications of tissue donation?

There is no charge to you or to your insurance company for donating your tissue. You will not be paid a fee for your tissue or for any of the discoveries that might result from research using your tissue.

The ABTR will never sell your donated brain tumor tissue. Only researchers with approved research projects will receive your donated tissue at no charge.

What if I change my mind after donating tissue?

You can change your mind at any time about allowing your tissue to be used in future research. The consent form explains how to contact the ABTR Principal Investigator.

Will I get the result of research using my tissue?

The ABTR will not directly report to you the results of any research using your donated tissue. Research studies take many years and the results are often published in scientific journals.

How can I find out more about my brain tumor treatment options?

By visiting our St. David’s Medical Center website you can find valuable information about brain tumors and their treatment options.

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